Pictured from left to right: Agustin Robles, Eric Mohseni, Benjamin Silver, Ruben Camacho, Mike Brown, ken Brown, Bob Lindquist, Gale Sysock, Jim Adelman, Chuck Carlson, Adam Tolmach, Jim Clendenen, Clay Brock, Daniel Gehrs

Sharing the Knowledge

Since 1973, many talented winemakers, vineyard workers, and tasting room associates have made valuable contributions to Zaca Mesa. As one of the early Santa Barbara County pioneers in the wine industry, Zaca Mesa has been a place for these individuals to learn, innovate, and hone their craft. Over the years we have earned the nickname Zaca University due to the numerous successful Zaca Mesa alumni that have gone on to be leaders in the industry.

Read more on Zaca U from the alumni here!

To carry on with the tradition of education at Zaca Mesa, we have expanded Zaca University to be a series of educational resources for you. Throughout the year we host a variety of Zaca University events that provide an in depth explanation of winemaking processes and vineyard techniques. Can't make it to one of our events? Check out some of our other Zaca University resources and our current notes on the winery & vineyard. 


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