New Website: Come Visit Us

New Website: Come Visit Us

Nothing is as constant as change. Successful businesses don’t stagnate- they evolve. Evolution is not about survival of the fittest. It is about those that adapt to their changing environment. In our case, the trick to master is to maintain our identity as we change. We still hand-pick our grapes; we still make our wine in a barn; and we still have the chess board. That being said, the new Zaca Mesa website is an adaptation about how we reach the world beyond the Santa Ynez Valley, while simultaneously bringing the world to Zaca Mesa. There are a few quirks to work out (it is technology), but all in all it is much more functional and current.

Our wine is made for food. With that in mind we have created a Recipes section and suggested wine pairings. If you click on our Accolades page, you will see that Zaca Mesa has consistently produced wines that are a great value you can confidently serve and share with friends and family.

Going to dinner or trying to pick up a bottle of Zaca Mesa wine nearby? Use our Find Wines page to see where you can get Zaca Mesa locally. The blue pins are restaurants and the red pins are retail stores that carry Zaca Mesa. We suggest you call ahead to make sure they have it in stock.

Our entire focus is to bring a sense of being at Zaca Mesa to you as well as providing a means to learn about wine making in general and Zaca Mesa wine making in particular. When asked “what makes Zaca Mesa wines consistently good?” Associate Winemaker Kristin Bryden responds without hesitation, “It starts in the vineyard.” The winemaking team takes that first step in the vineyard and then meticulously monitors and adapts to each and every challenge that arises and opportunity that presents itself to coax the absolutely best possible result when you open a bottle of Zaca Mesa wine. We want to utilize this website to bring that meticulous experience to you in a manner that is informative, interesting, and fulfilling. This is our intent with Zaca University, which will continue to grow going forward with more educational content as well as interactive discussions on wine and wine-making.

Our website is meant to bring as much of the Zaca Mesa experience to those who have never visited, or who can’t always visit, or want to take a trip back through memory lane; or want to plan their next trip to Zaca Mesa to attend one of the fun events we have- like the Vineyard Dog Walk; Black Bear Dinner Party; Farm-to-Table Dinner; and our wine club pick-up weekends. And while the website is great, take the time to visit our rustic winery in a spectacular setting. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the real thing is worth a thousand pictures.