Making Bad Weather Look Good

Making Bad Weather Look Good

Never Seen Bad Weather Look So Good

I grew up in the Midwest. Chicago. The town where if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes- it will get worse. I remember a high school baseball game when it was 72 degrees to start the game and by the end of the game it was sleeting (as in freezing rain). This is my fortieth (scary number) winter (that is how I measure it) I have lived in California.

Five California drought years have been broken (for now) with recent rains (I don’t believe I am jinxing it there- I’m a Cubs fan and this past fall proved there is no such thing as a jinx). In fact, we’ve had so much rain that the natives are restless and the tourists are getting downright irritated. When I first moved here, I remember a native Californian complaining about the weather one weekend because it almost rained. Now that it is raining, how dare it! As for the tourists getting upset with the weather, I understand their mindset (I am from Chicago). A “successful” vacation is when the weather back home is significantly worse than the weather wherever they are vacationing- which in the winter time is typically going from somewhere insanely cold to somewhere that should be warmer and sunnier- like California. Sorry if we disappointed, and thank you for bringing the rain. Please come back next year.

However, there is an incredible beauty this weather brings if you do come out and visit (or just want to escape the California city jungles). The photo above was taken Thursday, February 09, 2017. Lush green hillsides here are reminiscent of Ireland. There are three predominant ways to drive into this valley: 101 South from Santa Maria/ Orcutt; 101 North from Santa Barbara; 154 through “the pass” from Santa Barbara. Any which way you pick, you are in for a visual treat. Green, green hillsides peppered with oaks intertwined with wisps of fog and cloud layers that change with every turn. It is absolutely breath-taking from any direction. No matter what the weather- rain, clouds, fog, shine- you are in for an unexpected visual treat that shows off Mother Nature at her finest.

There were days in Chicago I remember where the weather was so bad outside, it was dreary inside. Now don’t get me wrong- I love to visit Chicago (and do so several times a year- it is my favorite city- to visit) and had a blast there in December with it snowing while we played on Michigan Avenue. But that was a very fortunate sno-globe moment, because we left the next day and were one of the only planes to get out before a blizzard shut O’Hare down. We just missed the Chicago weather bites part of the program. This Santa Ynez Valley is so beautiful it wears any weather well. Come see for yourself. Bring any weather along for the ride- it’ll still look good.