Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

We moved here from Hermosa Beach four years ago, a place we thought we would never leave. The amazing thing is we have not missed it that much. No offense to Hermosa Beach- it is an awesome beach community. Considering I moved from Chicago to Hermosa Beach thirty five years ago, it was like Heaven on Earth. The weather, the beach, the ocean, the fun- what else was there in life?!

Then we started traveling around, and discovered Santa Barbara. Darn if Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley didn’t up the ante regarding Heaven on Earth. Everything is relative I guess. Santa Barbara is the American Riviera and the Santa Ynez Valley is the American Tuscany. It is so beautiful that it makes bad weather look good. Not too many places can do that.

We try our hardest to “bring the winery to you” with our blogs, website, videos, and social media postings. In fact, we dedicate significant personnel time to doing just that. A text will give a cryptic description of what is going on while a tweet will give a bit more. Instagram sends out the picture that is worth a thousand words, and Facebook postings add to that with multiple photos and descriptive text. Then there is the ultimate- a video via YouTube that adds motion and sound. Fantastic!

But there is nothing like the real thing. The wildflowers this spring have been amazing- orange poppies exploding on the mountainsides, yellow mustard adding contrast to the green grasses, and violet colored mountain lupines scattered here and there make our area look like a painting by Monet. The Santa Ynez Valley Spring has been a cross between Provence and Ireland.

Tour the winery and smell the wine in the tank room, the oak in the barrel room. Come visit us sometime and experience something we can’t deliver to you via technology: that old-fashioned real world experience of tasting wine in a real winery in a real vineyard. Check our events schedule out or just contact us ahead of time to arrange a tour with your visit. Absolutely take pictures, but remember, the real thing is worth a thousand pictures- and the memories of the sights, aromas, and sounds of the country winery/ vineyard experience will be in your mind forever.